Congratulations to our Character Student of the Month, Ashanti Drayton, from 5th grade for showing Courage!

Ashanti exemplifies courage in her daily activities by handling challenges academically and musically with excellence. She is a critical thinker and demonstrates a willingness to learn in all tasks given.  Along with other qualities, this young scholar shows creative bravery in-general. This bravery actively shows her leadership potential to other students at Clio Elementary School.   She chooses the right thing to do, even if it’s difficult or isn’t the most popular decision.  Ashanti stands up for her friends in a quiet, respectful way.  She is a leader and willing to help others when needed.  Ashanti has a beautiful smile and a warmth about her that shines through in her words and actions.  She seems shy when first getting to know her, but she raises her hand frequently to answer questions in class and add to class discussions.  Her uniqueness in character and her potential as a trumpet player makes her a musician who can influence others in the school as well as her community.  We look forward to watching Ashanti continue to grow as a musician, a student and a valued person in our school community.